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Everyone is well-known for the health benefits of fruit and vegetable juice, the fact that they contain a lot of vitamins and other important substances. Natural juices are sources of glucose, fructose, and minerals. In Refresh Bar that you can pamper yourself with high levels of vitamins. Refresh is a natural juice, fried fruit cocktail and salad bar. We produce only fresh juice and vegetables, we weld them with nuts, seeds, coconut or almond milk. In juicy cocktails, we do not use water, all juices and cocktails are 100% natural. The refresh bar will invite you not only to freshen up, but also to eat chicken, salmon, vegetarian and feta cheese salads. For rushing - lettuce and juice for taking away, wanting to take a breath - a comfortable environment, attention and refresh of the team smile. We also offer you to pamper Italian coffee and dessert - Homemade Cake or Chia Fruit with Fresh Fruits. Refresh - wanting to live healthy! «Eating and drinking is good enough to redeem your strength and not to quench it.» (Cicero)

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