La Manche Cuisine: European Address:

18, Volodarskogo St

9130.2 km Rating: - Minimum order: 10 BYN

Restaurant is open

Working hours: 11:00 - 02:00

La Manche

«La Manche» is a perfect place for throwing a party, for throwing a company party or for hosting a banquet. You also can just have a cup of Irish coffee at the bar.

Restaurants La Manche
Legal information

Grand Food Ltd

Legal Address : 220030, 18, Volodarskogo St, apt. 8

UNP: 191301194 ARCEO 379183135000

IBAN BY95MTBK30120001093300063933

BIC MTBKBY22 at Mtbank JSC, 220007,10, Tolstogo St, Minsk

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