Only via Here is Food one can plan a celebration! There's a posibity to arrange a banquet in such restaurants as Lauski, Neapol, Amsterdam, Robinson Club. Any wedding, birthday party, party, cororate event will be better with Here is Food!



Here is Food simplifies life of those who use our service.

Why waste time talking to a call center operator and your mobile balance?

You can do that online. You'll discover the whole world of millions of offers and filters to match your tastes in a few clicks or display touches.

Yesterday no one thought of going abroad all by oneself (without tourist agency). Nowadays one can plan and organize a trip by booking a ticket, a hotel, a taxi, an excursion ad restaurants.

It's a couple of clicks that separates you from the incredible.


If you love coffee and drink it a lo-o-ot, you can save money with Here is Food. You just need to pick the right filter so that you'll have a list of the best and the cheapest coffee houses of Minsk and other regions.

Cafe 'Kofeinya', Why Knot, Stary Mensk, Dream Cafe are ready to please you with such types of coffee as macchiato, americano, cappuccino, latte, raf,flat white.


It's been 41 summer day. You've noticed that it's so stuffy to stay inside. But you are lucky to have Here is Food. 

On there're restaurants that think that eating outside is better. That's why they've opened summer terrace for you.

Book a table via and enjoy the best with Here is Food.


Book tables to enjoy your favourite restaurants, find new pubs and bars, drop by unusual cafes.

To book a table you need to sign in, choose the restaurant you want, time, number of people - this is a guaranteed way to have a table reserved.

If you feel like to spend time on your own, our service offers food delivery. Find the food you want to eat and set time.


Spend a week of belorussian food (June, 11-17) with Here is Food!

One can try 5 national dishes of belorussian cuisine.

All the dishes are cooked the same way, no matter what category the restaurant is.


it's a telephone that is a planner, an alarm clock, a messenger, a photo camera, a video camera, a means of payment in the IT era.

Here is Food upgradet your phone.Now you can deliver food to your place and book a table.

Download our apps from Play Market and AppStore.

Congrats, you've reached a new level of telephone and life management.






Lunch must happen! Even if you don’t have time. You can order hot meals from your favourite restaurants right to your place. And if you want to make an order for your entire office, just email us at or by phone +375447216674, and we will offer you something especially “delicious”!


If you think that taking part in contests is stupid and pointless, just look at the participants who have left their prejudices behind. Having made just a few clicks, they got free certificates in some of the best Minsk restaurants. Follow the contests on our social networks and on


On April 1st our Mikhalych threw a dance flashmob right in the Galleria Mall giving out smiles and gifts from Here is Food and our partner, Cheers bar. He will reappear on the streets of Minsk very soon — don’t miss your chance to take a great selfie and get a nice surprise!